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Alas, no one has come forward to claim the orange fur ball. His name is [...]

Party at Wash Park

Just someone’s company party, nothing exciting, but I got to just relax at the park [...]

Don’t I get a say in this??

Mom and Dad have gone to see about fostering a friend for Mei… [...]


Even I can see how cute this is!!! Description [...]

Snug as a bug

Description [...]

Snuggles. All. The. Time.

Mei has discovered she is allowed on the couch, even if someone else is already [...]


Mom’s Note: This hat and bandanna belonged to Ned, the cat Greg had when he [...]


Cat’s don’t like to be held this way you say? I think you are just [...]

I think I can handle this

She leaves me alone most of the time and doesn’t try to steal my sunny [...]

Welcome Mei!!

The house has simply not been complete since Marlo died. So, after some searching, Mom [...]

A “Guest”

This hairball has been hanging out in the alley for a few days and waltzed [...]

Moving Day, Part II!

Mom and Dad finally have the keys to the new house! [...]

Visiting Family

We have moved out of the loft, but we cannot move into our new house [...]

Chill time!

Just a few more days until we have our new house. Time to rest up [...]

Moving Day

We are moving out of the loft Today! Mom and dad bought a house. Unfortunately, [...]

A seat with a view

Faye has taken to watching us from above. That is the ledge of the lofted [...]

Truce… for now

Two old ladies, neither willing to give up the couch. I wonder how long this [...]

New phone photo!

Mom got a new phone, and in the tradition of every camera phone she has [...]

Did someone say COOKIES?

I may like cookies, but Marlo’s world revolves around them! [...]

I had my portrait painted!!

My cousin Ellie painted it! [...]

Mission Point Lighthouse

After a couple of days in Detroit for Papa’s Funeral, and a good long look [...]

RAIN. So. Much. RAIN.

The sky has been dumping on us all day and the forecast does not look [...]



Appreciating Life

Mom dearly loved her Papa and he was always wonderful to us. He was 90 [...]

It was a lovely night of camping, but we got some sad news

Grandma called last night to tell us that Mom’s Papa (my great-papa) had passed away [...]

Hello again Kansas

With someone traveling with us, Mom can occasionally appear in a photo! [...]

Life on the road

Life on the road is AWESOME! We are in Kansas, getting ready to set up [...]

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Off we go!!

On the road again, can’t WAIT to be on the road again!!!! [...]

Seat Progress

Progress! My ‘temp’ seat is not looking quite so ‘temp’! Can’t cross the country looking [...]


Welcome to the family Fred!

Fred the Ficus came home today! [...]

She is blocking the stairs…

again. MOM!!!! COME RESCUE ME!!! [...]

We have moved!

Faye has claimed the stairs… this may prove to be a problem. This place has [...]

It’s official, he’s a keeper.

We are moving in with this guy next month! [...]

This thing smells GOOOD

Mom got a smoker and it smells sooooo good [...]

Mom’s new guy got a motorcycle!

I like this guy more and more, even if he does come with a cat! [...]


I have no idea what this event is, everyone else is in the other room [...]

Mom met someone…..

and it is starting to look like something serious. Only… he has a CAT! I [...]

Mom Snuggles

Marlo got the prime snuggle spot tonight and she seems quite pleased with herself. [...]

Excuse me sir, may I have some snacks?

A bar opened up by us that is dog friendly, even inside at the bar!!! [...]