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New Friends in Montreal

I’ve made some very nice friends here in Montreal! [...]

Now Entering Canada!!

I am about to make giant step in the life of a little dog – [...]

Welcome to Quebec!

The border patrol was exceptional amused. They managed to keep a straight face while talking [...]

Safe and Sound in Rochester

Mom and I are safe and sound in Rochester! It’s time for my cute little [...]

Entering PA

The sign for PA was in the middle of a construction area on a major [...]

Eww… wet….

It is going to be a loooooong day….. Or at least it looked like it [...]

In a small town in Kentucky, close to Cincinnati, OH

Hours later then planned, we have arrived at a hotel we can afford near Cincinnati. [...]


Nothing really exciting, just a state sign! [...]

Halfway Tavern

A random historical marker we passed “In 1779 George Rogers Clark (1752-1818) led his army [...]

Entering IL!

No pic from this trip – we already have a pic of this sign from [...]


It has been a LONG, HOT, WINDY day in Kansas and both mom and I [...]

Center of the US… Sorta….

Here we are again, a short throw from the geographic center of the US, but [...]

Now entering Kansas!

Neither Rain, nor wind, nor hail, shall stop our trip! Considering we have seen the, [...]

Thank you Bill!

A GIGANTIC THANK YOU to Bill Carpenter, the owner of Carpenter’s Mini Mall Grocery in [...]

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Ow! Hail!

This afternoon’s riding has been put on hold in Idalia Colorado thanks to LARGE CHUNKS [...]

Ready to Ride!

We’re all packed up and ready to go!!! (Thank you Supertune for the last minute [...]

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Two days until I leave for NY! I wish mom would hurry up and finish [...]