Monthly Archives: September 2013

Bike Located… but not my seat

First, we owe a GIANT THANK YOU to Mom’s ornithology professor,¬†Christy Carello. She spotted a [...]


Mom went outside this morning only to discover that our Motorcycle is GONE [...]

House Guests

Our old roommate is crashing here for a little while, with his pup. I am [...]

Bike is getting fixed…

Bike is getting fixed!! [...]

My seat broke

But a nice friend has welded it back together! [...]

The weather is stunning and my seat is broken…

The rain in Colorado finally stopped but mom and I are still not riding this [...]

Bath time!

Mom is trying to teach me that water is not evil. I am pretty sure [...]



Camping with Friends!

We went camping this weekend with Mom’s friends JJ, Aaron and Katrina. [...]

We have a house guest!

I’m not the only black dog in the house right now! Mom’s friend Dave is [...]

I may not…

I may not have gotten to go for a ride this weekend, but this is [...]