Monthly Archives: July 2011

Zuko’s Rocker Ride

We rode to Beatrice, Nebraska this weekend with Zuko as he rode to earn his [...]

Bad Weather on the Horizon

SO CLOSE TO HOME. Yet, this week seems to be the bad weather week. We [...]

Motel 6 in Colby KS

This is our longest day ever on the bike and we did not come across [...]


We had lunch at Shakespeare Pizza in Columbia, MO and Mom swears it is was delicious. [...]

Gas near Mt. Vernon

Just a gas stop [...]

Gas near Louisville

The weather decide to play nice today, the sun is out and we are back [...]

Water from the sky in Coalton, KY

Holy crud that is a LOT of water. I thought the storm in PA was [...]

Little Beaver State Park

We stayed in Little Beaver State Park Last night, but mom forgot to take any [...]

Overlooking Buena Vista, VA

From the Chesepeak Bay Bridge, to some incredibly pretty views from the Blue Ridge Parkway [...]

Rt 667, Carson VA

Again, hats off to the 667 – they were good friends once. [...]

Leaving Kiptopeke

Today we start heading inland again, so we took a few moments to stop and [...]

Kiptopeke State Park

This is a very pretty state park with a perfect sound track. For more about [...]

Ray’s Shanty

Someone recommended this place for dinner and it was pretty tasty! More on Ray’s Shanty… [...]

Entering Virginia!

Yet another new state for us! [...]

Rt 667 in Maryland

A shout out to our friends at the 667 back in Denver! On a side [...]

Ocean City MD

I saw the ocean for the first time today. Meh. It’s a lot of water [...]

Gas in Delaware.

Back on the road, crooked handle bars and all! [...]

Crap. We went down.

No photos of the crash, but I just wanted to let everyone know we are [...]

It’s raining. Ick.

It is absolutely POURING. We stopped at a rest area while the worst of it [...]

Entering PA!

On the road again, just leaving NY. [...]

In Rochester!

We made it to Grandma’s, safe and sound. Now for a rest before getting back [...]

In New York!

Sorry we skipped a few gas stops and state crossings. It has been a long [...]

Visiting with friends

Mom and I took a short side trip to visit her friends Scott and Elise, [...]

In Rochester Hills, MI

Mom stopped long enough to drop me off so I could stay with my great-grandma [...]