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600+ miles and it is good to be home!

Today was a 600+ mile day but it was nice, warm and sunny. Now we [...]


It’s a cold morning but I’m layered up and ready to go. Let’s go home [...]

Because obviously the bed is…

Because obviously the bed is not warm or cozy enough for this little pup after [...]

Mom says I am a ‘fudgie’?

Apparently Dad is too. I have no idea what that is but if that means [...]

Mission Point Lighthouse

After a couple of days in Detroit for Papa’s Funeral, and a good long look [...]

RAIN. So. Much. RAIN.

The sky has been dumping on us all day and the forecast does not look [...]



Appreciating Life

Mom dearly loved her Papa and he was always wonderful to us. He was 90 [...]

It was a lovely night of camping, but we got some sad news

Grandma called last night to tell us that Mom’s Papa (my great-papa) had passed away [...]

Hello again Kansas

With someone traveling with us, Mom can occasionally appear in a photo! [...]

Life on the road

Life on the road is AWESOME! We are in Kansas, getting ready to set up [...]

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Off we go!!

On the road again, can’t WAIT to be on the road again!!!! [...]

Seat Progress

Progress! My ‘temp’ seat is not looking quite so ‘temp’! Can’t cross the country looking [...]