Monthly Archives: June 2011

Now Entering Michigan

We were looking for a camp ground for the night but apparently my great-grandma passed [...]

Entering Indiana!

Farewell Illinois! [...]

Dave’s Tap Gilman IL

We had no real reason to stop here other than our roommate is named Dave. [...]

Lunch in Gibson City, IL

Food Time!! Grabbed some gas too. [...]

A fond farewell to Waverly

After two nights in lovely Waverly, IL we are grabbing some gas and then we [...]

Camping in Waverly, IL

As the storm clouds rolled in, a gas station attendant at a nearby town suggested [...]

Entering Illinois

Now leaving Missouri! [...]

Lunch at Cassano’s Pizza in Hannibal, MO

In 2010, on our first cross country motorcycle trip, we got stuck under a gas [...]

We hit 20K miles!!!

The bike now officially has 20,000 miles on it! [...]

Gas stop near Trenton, MO

Nothing exciting, just a short gas stop. [...]

Packing up to head out!

Camping is fun, but it is so boring to watch Mom pack up the bike. [...]

Camping in Crowder State Park, MO

Stopped for the night at Crowder State Park. Got to share yummy marshmallows with some [...]

St. Joseph, MO Gas Stop

Quick Gas Stop before we stop for the night [...]

The Original Pony Express Home Station

Mom says the Pony Express was sort of like the Mail Man, but a long [...]

Geographic Center of the USA

This marker is actually about half a mile away from the actual geographic center of [...]

Station #15 in Norton KS

Just a quick stop for gas, breakfast and a photo in front of the old [...]

Prairie Dog State Park

We stopped at Prairie Dog State Park for the night. It is a lovely little [...]

Gas Stop in Atwood KS

A quick stop in Atwood KS. They had a tank!! [...]

Entering Kansas

Leaving Colorado! [...]

Entering Central TimeZone

Time Zone Change! [...]

First gas stop of many!!

There are not many places to stop for gas in eastern Colorado and we had [...]

Ready to leave!

Bike’s all loaded and ready to go! Mom and I are off to meander our [...]

Luggage rack and DONE!

With the addition of a luggage rack, my new seat is DONE! [...]

The seat progresses

Mom’s friend Zuko has been helping put the seat together and we made a ton [...]

It is starting to look like a seat!

Construction is well on its way for my new seat and it should be ready [...]