Gas stop near Trenton, MO

Nothing exciting, just a short gas stop. [...]

Packing up to head out!

Camping is fun, but it is so boring to watch Mom pack up the bike. [...]

Camping in Crowder State Park, MO

Stopped for the night at Crowder State Park. Got to share yummy marshmallows with some [...]

St. Joseph, MO Gas Stop

Quick Gas Stop before we stop for the night [...]

The Original Pony Express Home Station

Mom says the Pony Express was sort of like the Mail Man, but a long [...]

Geographic Center of the USA

This marker is actually about half a mile away from the actual geographic center of [...]

Station #15 in Norton KS

Just a quick stop for gas, breakfast and a photo in front of the old [...]

Prairie Dog State Park

We stopped at Prairie Dog State Park for the night. It is a lovely little [...]

Gas Stop in Atwood KS

A quick stop in Atwood KS. They had a tank!! [...]

Entering Kansas

Leaving Colorado! [...]

Entering Central TimeZone

Time Zone Change! [...]

First gas stop of many!!

There are not many places to stop for gas in eastern Colorado and we had [...]

Ready to leave!

Bike’s all loaded and ready to go! Mom and I are off to meander our [...]

Luggage rack and DONE!

With the addition of a luggage rack, my new seat is DONE! [...]

The seat progresses

Mom’s friend Zuko has been helping put the seat together and we made a ton [...]

It is starting to look like a seat!

Construction is well on its way for my new seat and it should be ready [...]

Roommate Dave

Our new roommate Dave is a nice guy. He snuggles like a champ and he [...]

Marlo’s ACL

Marlo had her ACL repaired last November and now she has had her hardware removed. [...]

I am getting a new seat

After taking our first cross country trip last summer, Mom decided I needed something more [...]

New Year, New World!

Happy New Year everyone! We have moved, Mom has a new job and is going [...]

Marlo’s Surgery

Marlo tore her ACL and had to have surgery. She is doing well should be [...]

Our First Cross Country

Mom’s Note (2019): This is the only photo I have from our first cross country. [...]

Staying with Friends

We are stay with friends in Strasburg for a while. I am not really sure [...]


As I have yet to grow back any of my neck, chest or belly fur, [...]

Labor Day

We went for another camping trip this weekend! The chance of snow on the passes [...]

Four Corners

My Very First Monument! I sat at the point where four states meet today. Wanna [...]

Weekend Walks

One of the best things about my new life, other than Mom and Motorcycles, are [...]

New Seat Cover

Mom made a new cover for my motorcycle seat! [...]

4th of July Camping!

I got to go camping again this weekend! [...]

Working Dog!

Mom took me to work today. She had to test a bunch of camera gear, [...]

First Road Trip

I went on my first real long ride today. We are going camping for Memorial [...]

I’m going BALD

You may have noticed in my last post that I don’t have much hair on [...]

My First Doggles and Rides!

That weird box with a blanket? That was just the start. That box gets covered [...]


Today I found out that I am allowed to chew on the things in the [...]

Learning to “Ride”

Today Mom showed me something new. She says it is time I learn to ride. [...]

Meet Marlo

In my new home, which it turns out is permanent, I have a new sister. [...]

Settling in…

This new place is pretty nice. They let me sleep on the couch! [...]

First Day Home

I was dropped off today at a new place today. There is a nice lady [...]

Adoption Day!

Mom’s Memory Post: This was Rin’s photo on Craigslist. I met her at a dog [...]