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Turns out Mei is allergic to Bees :(

Poor Mei’s face puffed up like a marshmallow [...]

I like them but…

These two ADORE each other. It is way too cute. [...]

Puppy Socialization is FUN!

It is cold outside, but brewery’s are a great place for Mom and Dad to [...]

Look at those EARS!!!

They stand up almost all of the time now [...]


I like this new game of going to the park on the weekends but it [...]

Thank goodness they respect that I was here first!

The sunny spots are mine! [...]

Snowy days ROCK…

Snowy days ROCK! [...]

It was my…

It was my 8th birthday today!! As I have been super patient with my new [...]


I’ve tried to tell her, merging is not possible…

but Mei continues to try. It’s a good thing I *know* that I am Mom’s [...]