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One with the couch

I am attempting to merge with the couch today… [...]

Photo shoot

A friend of Mom’s asked if she could come take photos of us, so we [...]

New Fish Tank

Mom got a new, very large, fish tank…. [...]

Nap Time


I miss my friend

Mom finally had to take Rosie back to the farm yesterday. She will be a [...]

Goats are curious creatures

They get into EVERYTHING [...]

I love this little Goat!

Mom’s Note (2020): Sorry for the poor video quality – I don’t have many videos [...]

Kid on the couch

Rosie has figured out how to get on the couch!! [...]

Rosie Oats the Goat

Oh my goodness. Little goats are REALLY cute!!! [...]

Baby Goat!!!

Mom went out to pick up a fishtank from our friend Kim… and came home [...]

New Year, New Home

We have moved into our very own apartment! [...]