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State Line: New Mexico!

New Mexico!! [...]

State Line: Texas!

We missed the sign coming into Texas, so we caught the one on our way [...]

State Line: North Carolina!

North Carolina! This sign was supposed to be a quick ride to catch but there [...]

State Line: Alabama!

Another state under my rump! [...]

State Line: Arkansas!

I really wish it would get warmer and less windy – this little old lady [...]

State Line: Oklahoma!

OK-LA-HOMA where the wind… oh… sorry… I just can’t help singing here!! [...]

New state: Wisconsin!

3rd new state in 2 days ! [...]

South Dakota State Line

New state! [...]

Nebraska state line

Sunny [...]



Hello again Kansas

With someone traveling with us, Mom can occasionally appear in a photo! [...]

Welcome to Quebec!

The border patrol was exceptional amused. They managed to keep a straight face while talking [...]


Nothing really exciting, just a state sign! [...]


It has been a LONG, HOT, WINDY day in Kansas and both mom and I [...]

Now entering Kansas!

Neither Rain, nor wind, nor hail, shall stop our trip! Considering we have seen the, [...]

Entering Virginia!

Yet another new state for us! [...]

In New York!

Sorry we skipped a few gas stops and state crossings. It has been a long [...]

Entering Indiana!

Farewell Illinois! [...]

Entering Illinois

Now leaving Missouri! [...]

Entering Kansas

Leaving Colorado! [...]