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Gas Stop in Winfield, AL

Just a gas stop on a short day. [...]

Gas Stop in North Little Rock, AR

Just a gas stop! Had a lady next to us roll down her window to [...]

Gas Stop in Glencoe, OK

Just another gas station [...]

Gas Stop in Russell, KS

Gas stop [...]

Gas Stop in West Siloam Springs, OK

Yet another gas stop. It seems like there are a lot more of these this [...]

Gas Stop in WaKeeney, Trego County

Pretty sunset tonight but I’m not looking forward to the cold that comes with it! [...]

Stratton CO

First gas stop of this trip! [...]

North 141

No prepay!! [...]

Gas stop

It’s so hot [...]

Gas stop 2

This tank is huge [...]

Gas Stop: Greeley CO

First gas stop! [...]

Last Gas Stop Before Denver!

I’m not THAT tiredzzzzz…I just can’t keep my head up…ZZZZZzzzzz [...]

Council Bluffs, Iowa!


Gas near Mt. Vernon

Just a gas stop [...]

Gas near Louisville

The weather decide to play nice today, the sun is out and we are back [...]

Little Beaver State Park

We stayed in Little Beaver State Park Last night, but mom forgot to take any [...]

Gas in Delaware.

Back on the road, crooked handle bars and all! [...]

Lunch in Gibson City, IL

Food Time!! Grabbed some gas too. [...]

A fond farewell to Waverly

After two nights in lovely Waverly, IL we are grabbing some gas and then we [...]

Gas stop near Trenton, MO

Nothing exciting, just a short gas stop. [...]

St. Joseph, MO Gas Stop

Quick Gas Stop before we stop for the night [...]

Station #15 in Norton KS

Just a quick stop for gas, breakfast and a photo in front of the old [...]

Gas Stop in Atwood KS

A quick stop in Atwood KS. They had a tank!! [...]

First gas stop of many!!

There are not many places to stop for gas in eastern Colorado and we had [...]