Ditch the Eyewear!!

One set of Rex specs have found their end!!! I have very recently decided I would prefer to go without eyewear and have been arguing with mom on this for several days. Today, mom forgot to clip them to my harness and I finally managed to ditch my spare pair off a mountain!! Bonus: while dad went back down the highway to try to locate them, I got to share some saddle bag warm Clif bar with mom, which ranks as one of the worlds top three best foods!!

One more pair to go and I’ll be eyewear free!!!

(Moms note: Yeah, wishful thinking kid. That is not how this works! I will be making extra certain that the last pair are harness connected and, should they be lost, I know one little dog that will be stuck riding the rest of the way home eyewear free… in the support car. I just wish I could figure out WHY after wearing them for years, she suddenly wants them off so badly!!!)

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