Westend Taproom Tip & Sip

Yesterday’s lunch was an absolutely delicious panini with ham and Swiss @westendtaproom or at least it was for Mom, who shared just a small bite with me. All I got otherwise was a bowl of cold water- Dad got to share a beer flight with her. Somehow this seems uneven and unfair… but she says little dogs don’t get beer and I did get extra food for dinner and a couple sour patch kids, so I can’t really complain TOO much I suppose

In general, yesterdays ride was beautiful and the weather fantastic. Unfortunately my rexspecs are really bothering me. Mom let me ride for a bit without eyewear but while I’m preferring that at the moment, mom says it is not ok so she keeps trying new ways to adjust my specs to see if we can find something comfortable. (Moms note: I really wish she could just tell me what about them is suddenly bothering her!!)

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