Come ON…

Come ON. I keep telling mom that the little bump on my side is nothing to worry about but she INSISTS that we have to have it looked at. So far my vet has called it a cyst. No idea what that is but isn’t that initial guess enough? Why does it need to be looked at more closely? I feel FINE!! Don’t they understand that this vet visit is making me late for my post breakfast nap??

3 thoughts on “Come ON…

  1. Rin The Bikerdog says:

    That’s what mom said too, but going to the vet is SO boring!!

    Mom’s Comment: Yup. I’m a mean mom. I insisted that we get it checked out as it had gotten significantly larger in the last couple of weeks. As suspected, it turned out to be an infected sebaceous cyst, which has now been cleaned up and treated with an antibiotic injection. It looks MUCH better and now we will just have to keep an eye on it.

  2. Chris Burns says:

    Rin The Bikerdog Good job, mom! Come on, Rin, admit it – you feel better about it, too, don’t you?

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