RinBathThe rain in Colorado finally stopped but mom and I are still not riding this weekend. Why? My seat broke! Unfortunately mom doesn’t have a welder, so until she can take the bike to a friend with a welder and some time, we are motorcycle-less. Hopefully she’ll be able to fix it this week so we can go for a color ride next weekend!

Meanwhile, MY LIFE IS AWFUL. My mom has been putting me in evil white wet thing in the windowless room. She calls it a bathtub. I don’t mind it so much when it is dry or the water is falling for a bath…. but it’s FULL OF WATER!! My belly and lady bits get wet!!! It’s… It’s… HORRIBLE. On the other hand… she keeps putting cookies on the far edge and all she wants me to do is walk to get them. Maybe this isn’t SO bad after all…. maybe

(Mom’s Note: Rin, who has brushed off going down on the motorcycle twice, is afraid of water more then ankle deep. In an attempt to overcome this fear, I am attempting to gradually acclimate her to water. So far we are at a belly deep tub and today we worked on walking in the water. Next step will be a life jacket and deeper water…. )