5 09, 2014

Long time no post!

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Hello everyone!

It has been a crazy year – the motorcycle was stolen last fall and it has taken all summer for us to get the new motorcycle truly road worthy. Now that it is finally ready, it is time to hit the road for our annual cross country trip!! We leave tomorrow and I’ll be posting from the road!

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21 09, 2013

Hello Folks from LifeWithDogs.TV readers and fellow bloggers!!

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pet-blogger-hop-badgeToday mom saw a post on LifeWithDogs.TV for the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop and shared my website with the folks there.


If that is how you ended up here, welcome!


I try to keep this updated as often as mom will loan me her typing ability… comments are welcome and please feel free to friend me on facebook as well – that gets updated on the road, which usually means before this site does!



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21 09, 2013

The weather is stunning and my seat is broken…

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RinBathThe rain in Colorado finally stopped but mom and I are still not riding this weekend. Why? My seat broke! Unfortunately mom doesn’t have a welder, so until she can take the bike to a friend with a welder and some time, we are motorcycle-less. Hopefully she’ll be able to fix it this week so we can go for a color ride next weekend!

Meanwhile, MY LIFE IS AWFUL. My mom has been putting me in evil white wet thing in the windowless room. She calls it a bathtub. I don’t mind it so much when it is dry or the water is falling for a bath…. but it’s FULL OF WATER!! My belly and lady bits get wet!!! It’s… It’s… HORRIBLE. On the other hand… she keeps putting cookies on the far edge and all she wants me to do is walk to get them. Maybe this isn’t SO bad after all…. maybe

(Mom’s Note: Rin, who has brushed off going down on the motorcycle twice, is afraid of water more then ankle deep. In an attempt to overcome this fear, I am attempting to gradually acclimate her to water. So far we are at a belly deep tub and today we worked on walking in the water. Next step will be a life jacket and deeper water…. )

10 09, 2013

We have a house guest!

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I’m not the only black dog in the house right now!

Mom’s friend Dave is staying with us for a few weeks and with him came Nyx, another black dog. She is just a youngster but she has pretty good manners and I like having her in the house. She is fun to play with to a point, but she does go a little overboard. It’s OK though, because even though she is much larger then I am she listens when I tell her to stop.

Even Marlo like her enough to share the couch!

Mom says she will try to take some photos of us playing soon….

14 06, 2013

Thank you Bill!

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BikerDogJournal109A GIGANTIC THANK YOU to Bill Carpenter, the owner of Carpenter’s Mini Mall Grocery in Idalia, for finding my mom and I a safe (and DRY) place to sleep for the night!!

14 06, 2013

Ow! Hail!

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HailIdaliaThis afternoon’s riding has been put on hold in Idalia Colorado thanks to LARGE CHUNKS OF ICE falling from the sky. I hate hail, but I think mom hates it more. Fortunately the nice lady at the store is letting us sit out the storm inside where it is dry!

11 06, 2013


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IMAG1531Two days until I leave for NY! I wish mom would hurry up and finish packing. It’s boring, but I know if I don’t watch her every move she’ll forget something vital (like the Clif bars!)

13 07, 2011


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2011Pizza We had lunch at Shakespeare Pizza in Columbia, MO and mom swears it is THE MOST AMAZING PIZZA she has ever had. She wouldn’t share much, so I can’t confirm or deny this statement, but mom was pretty happy.

28 06, 2011

Now Entering Michigan

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2011EnteringMI We were looking for a camp for the night but apparently my great-grandma passed away today. Mom got the rough news a little while ago and is now determined to get West Bloomfield, MI ASAP. It’s going to be a long evening.

27 06, 2011

Camping in Waverly, IL

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2011WaverlyIL1 2011WaverlyIL2 Weather left us stuck here for a full day – but at least we had a beautiful camping spot! It was actually a local city park that allows free overnight camping for up to 3 days. Very nice.