To Hell (MI) and back again!

LeavingNYMom hasn’t loaned me her typing skills in a month! I’ve nagged her but she kept telling me she didn’t have time. I say baloney – she needs to MAKE time for me.

::sighs:: I suppose I have to give her a LITTLE wiggle room. She WAS sick for a while. I tried to be understanding, but she hogged the pillow while I was trying to nap in the sun and we were stuck in NY till she felt better. Then we WERE on the road for a few days, making our way back to CO. She did do me the favor of posting regularly to my Facebook page, but come on Mom – not everyone follows my Facebook page.


So what has happened in the past month? I said farewell to my NY family and headed out on the road. We stopped in Ohio for a night and then we drove to Hell. I have heard people tell other’s that ‘they are going to Hell’ and it seemed like a negative thing. Well, I can now say I have been to Hell and back and that the road to Hell is actually surprisingly pretty. I am not really sure why anyone want’s to avoid the place – I mean Mom shared her frog legs with me and they were amazing, and then the nice owner of the restaurant took my photo and put me on their homepage for a while! I was famous!

ChicagoKidsFrom there we headed to a State Park in Indiana and then hit the road for lunch in Chicago. Unfortunately no one informed mom that Chicago traffic is not a minor issue and instead of it taking 45 minutes to get to the place we were supposed to meet mom’s friends, it took over two hours. So, instead of moving on, we stayed with some friends of Mom. What does childhood friend mean?? It was really strange, the people there seemed like they knew my mom better then most and she was exceptionally happy to see them, but I had never met any of them before?!!? She didn’t grow up here, but two different houses in Chicago hold people she treats like family?? I don’t get it, but they gave us a nice place to stay and I got to meet some really cute little kids, so I guess it’s ok that mom knows people I don’t (so long as she introduces me eventually!).

Since by this time we were day’s behind our original plan to get home, Mom asked if I was up for a long day of riding and if I would be up for earning something called an ‘iron butt’. I like my butt furry but I am ALWAYS up to ride so I agreed to go for it.


I didn’t know that it meant we would be on the bike ALL DAY! Turns out that to earn an ‘Iron Butt’ means that we had to put over 1000 miles on the motorcycle in a single day – we drove from Chicago to Denver in less then 24 hours! I try to keep mom company when we ride and I don’t sleep when we are moving, but gas stops were a little difficult. I tried to stay awake the whole time! Really I did! But either way, we made it safe and sound and apparently this earns us a pin and a patch from some online association. I’m not sure why this is so exciting to mom, but she seems pretty proud of herself.

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