I’m a traveling little biker dog with lots of stories to tell and I finally have a place to tell them! You can read on learn more about me or check out the travel map and blog above to explore my travels, past and present.  You can also use the links above to follow me on your favorite social media sites to get the latest updates on my adventures and, most importantly, to share your photos when you see me on the road!


So you want to know a little bit about me huh? Well let’s start with the basics! I am a five year old Pomeranian/Chihuahua mutt and I’ve lived with my mom since I was a year old.  Before that I lived a strange life as a purse toy for someone who wasn’t really sure what to do with a dog.


When my mom adopted me, I was delivered to her door by my original people with things like a parka and a polka-dot dress in my box of belongings. I was a scrawny little thing and mom thought it was just the way I was built. Little did she know that I didn’t really even know how to walk on a leash or wag my tail. I couldn’t even walk around the block without getting exhausted.

Fortunately, my big sister showed me the ropes of being a dog (tennis balls are AMAZING) and my mom’s refusal to treat me like a toy got me moving. I have long since learned to wag my tail, roll over for a belly rub and dance for cookies.  I have put on a couple of pounds of muscle mass and can run and play for hours.

MyFirstMotorcycleBoxBest of all though, mom taught me to RIDE. I didn’t know that’s what shewas planning when she brought home a large box and set it on the couch, but it only took me a day to realize that the box was padded and cozy. I spent a lot of time curled up watching TV from this box with a strange collar (mom says it is called a harness) on. One day mom stole my box and left the house. A few days later instead of going for a walk, she took me downstairs and set me in the box – which was now mounted on a loud shiny thing I’ve since learned is ‘The Bike.’ Being the easy-going gal I am, I made myself comfortable and, while it was a bit nosier then the couch, I curled up and took a nap.

It wasn’t until the next day that I discovered what ‘The Bike’ could do! IT MOVES! Mom took me for my first ride and I was hooked.

BikerDogSlider055Over the next few years the box has changed and gotten more comfortable. I was introduced to doggles (which I love as long as we are moving but I really don’t understand why someone would wear them standing still) and to super long rides. Mom and I have gone across the country a couple of times. When we travel we stay in a tent (sleeping bags are amazing btw) when we can, though we have stayed in hotels and even a convenience store once! We have met fantastic people and have seen amazing secenery. We have had our scary moments, from sliding on our side down the road in the rain to slipping and sliding in an unexpected hail storm, but we are both always eager to get back on the bike and explore the wide open road.

This site was originally designed to see if some of the hundreds of people on the road who photograph me would share their pictures. It has evolved in a way for people to share their photos as well as follow me on my adventures, as apparently people worry about a little dog on a bike getting to her destination safely. It makes me feel very loved.

Anyway, Mom say’s life is about living to the fullest and I am glad to share my adventure with you.